Shhh! Nobody Move! The Kids are Getting Along!

Sitting in bed, listening to the portable a/c unit whirr.  I just got home from work and it’s time to unwind.

I just noticed that, other than the a/c humming, it’s quiet.  There are two kids home.


A 20 year old home from her last day at work before heading back to school, and a 16 year old who spends most of his time with some form of electronic entertainment in his hands.

When the two of them are home together they tend to bicker back and forth, regardless of whether they are intending to seriously be mean or not.  A conversation can be as simple as four words, but they still find a way to get a dig in.


Example?  A typical exchange between the two of them goes as follows: Child #1- “You suck.” Child #2- “You swallow.”  This is usually said upon exiting or parting company, but can be said in passing or while sitting it the same room seemingly minding their own business.

But right now I hear none of that.  There is no sucking or swallowing or any other such nonsense filling to background.  They are downstairs together (last seen) and it’s quiet.

Maybe one has retreated to their room. She was last seen cleaning the kitchen.  He was last seen watching her clean the kitchen. Maybe she got tired of having an audience and headed to higher ground.

Maybe he has lost himself in his recently relocated PS3. It is now in the back room downstairs so that he can ‘Spend more time with us.’  It’s the thought that counts, right?  At least we’re cool enough to be in his presence.  For a 16 year old boy, that’s really saying something!

Or maybe….just maybe, they are chilling out, watching some TV or having a decent conversation at a reasonable volume or quietly enjoying their own things while in each other’s company.  

This is the day I’ve been waiting for, but at the same time, the quiet is deafening.  It is a reminder that they are getting older, growing up and maturing.  It is a reminder that I’M getting older. I can’t add growing up or maturing, because I refuse to do that!  The two of them existing quietly in the same space resonates louder inside of me than the awful insults they hurl at each in passing.

It won’t last. Soon hubs will be home and will be sure get them going.


Oh wait!  I hear him, and them, now!